LW M2 tuned by Lightweight

With their latest 2018 project vehicle Lightweight presents something very out of the ordinary – once again.

Following the LW M2 CSR which was equipped with pure M4 GTS technique, its successor with solely M2 technique – teamed with the benefits of a convertible – makes a first public appearance.In cross-comparison to the CSR the genes of the LW M2 convertible have a rather more female touch. Never built this way by BMW – implemented technically and visually a 100 % by Lightweight- now, the LW M2 convertible named “Hillary” is in the public eye.

“For us it was important to upgrade this vehicle not only visually on the M2 base, but it was a duty to install the entire technique of a M2. Visual conversions from a F23 to a M2 already exist, so that was no challenge for us – but installing the DKG transmission including the differential and M2 axles completely, that was our obligation.” according to the head of Lightweight, Marc Müller.

“Hillary’s” interior had to be adapted to the visible conditions of the M2, the rear bench and side panels are supplied with the original blue contrast stitching. Primarily, Lightweight is constructing performance-orientated vehicles and due to that fact the team mounted a Bilstein clubsport chassis into the LW M2 – especially aligned to this particular sports car faster rides on country roads and mountain passes can be enjoyed with incredible pleasure.

BMW LW M2 Lightweight Drago wheels site

technical data LW M2 Cabrio


BMW M2 F87 N55 with 7-gear DKG transmission; M2 axles, M2 differential

Performance: 428 PS; 600 Nm torque value per engine characteristic field optimization; 300 km/h top speed

Chassis: Bilstein clubsport chassis with its own identification; modified track rods at the rear M4 GTS transmission/DSC and differential software

Brakes: Original brakes with Endless brake pads and steel braided brake lines; M4 GTS ABS alignment

Wheels: 9×20 with 265/30/20 on the front axle and 11×21 with 305/25/21 on the rear axle, each with Michelin Pilot Sport4

Exterior: Lightweight real carbon front spoiler with real carbon side blades (combinable with M-performance side blades); Lightweight real carbon rear end diffuser; Lightweight real carbon rear end spoiler; Lightweight real carbon twin-kidney shaped radiator grilles; Lightweight real carbon hood GTS; Lightweight headlights and air intake labels

Interior: Lightweight real carbon interior trim; steering wheel with fine perforated Alcantara leather/individual cover; Lightweight display; BMW M2 interior nappa leather black; Lightweight floor mats velour

Exhaust system: Lightweight titanium end muffler with real carbon end pipes; Lightweight 300 cells down-pipe

“It was our goal to reach the maximum of an attractive look and performance with the chosen set of wheels. No one ever hardly put 305/25/21 on a M2….” said Marc Müller. Also the combination of 20 inch on the front axle and 21 inch on the rear axle required adjustments to the ABS – that’s why M5 GTS’ ABS alignment was the best choice, as it drives on different dimensions as well (19/20 inch).

A lot of real carbon applications in the interior, a steering wheel with fine perforated Alcantara leather and any possible BMW features makes the summer thoroughly enjoyable in the LW M2 convertible.

From the outside the LW M2 convertible appears decent/sporty. A lot of real carbon parts are used, like the two-part front spoiler (an extendable spoiler blade is available upon request), a diffuser and twin-kidney shaped radiator grilles.

The magnificent sound of the six cylinder engine beats its drums through a Lightweight titanium end muffler with real carbon end pipes and a Lightweight 300 cell down-pipe right into the ears of the passengers – especially if the roof is down.


LW M2 Drago alloy wheels in combination

Front: 9Jx20H2
Rear: 10,5Jx21H2

tire recommendation:

Front: 305/25/21
Rear: 305/25/21

more information:

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Available colors:

Highgloss Silver