BUY SCHMIDT WHEELS – FROM YOUR LOCAL DEALER! Teamwork brings the best results. This especially applies to tuning. That’s why you can only get Schmidt Revolution wheels from competent specialist dealers – both in-store and online. Consultation is always crucial: How low or comfortable? How wide or performance-oriented? Which suspension and tire combination best suits my preferences? Get advice! Otherwise, you’ll never know if you could have gone further.

You can purchase Schmidt Revolution wheels from many reputable and competent specialist dealers or simply from any dealer you trust! Talk to them. Together with your trusted dealer, our technician team will work out the optimal wheel and tire combination for your vehicle!

We also welcome new dealers.

You have two options to purchase our Schmidt Revolution wheels:

Use our wheelconfigurator

  1. Select your car
  2. Choose your favorite wheel
  3. Request a quote.


It’s that simple. We’ll then select a dealer from our network of bases who will create a personalized offer for you.

Easy. Fast. Reliable.

Contact a dealer

Contact your trusted dealer and inquire about our wheels. We collaborate with all dealers.

Looking for a professional from our network?

Here you’ll find an overview of base dealers who offer international shipping.

You´ll find a List here: International Schmidt Revolution dealers

International dealers

JMS Fahrzeugteile GmbH
Schulstraße 28, 72654 Neckartenzlingen
+49 7127 960840

ships to: worldwide

Black Fly Industries
Jonathan Leyh
2011 Bedford Street, 21502 Cumberland Maryland
ships to: US

6100 Neil Road #500
Reno, NV 89511
+1 (702) 425 8670
ships to: US