Opel GT wheels in 20 and 21 inch.

The Opel GT: reequipped with 20 and 21 inch wheels by Schmidt – on winding country roads the Roadster by Schmidt plays its strengths skillfully .

The 20 inch at the front and 21 inch at the rear axle are perfectly adapted to the electronics of Opel, the whole thing have of course still full ESP functionality!

Our recommendation for the Opel GT, the combination of 20 and 21 inch CC-Line wheels!

CC-Line wheels for Opel GT

The three-piece CC-Line wheels come as a staggered fitment:

  • 9,5Jx20H2 at the front axle
  • 10,0Jx21H2 at the rear axle

The tire is provided with the following sizes:

  • 255/35 ZR20 at the front axle
  • 255/30 ZR21 at the rear axle

Price per wheel set:

Radinox rims from Schmidt – 20 and 21 inch CC-Line split rims

CC-Line wheels are rotary spun for high speed use. Tested and approved on the German Autobahn. They are assembled with the latest Radinox lips.

Durable lightweight wheels: Radinox ist extremely strong and comes with an extremely hard surface. Which is always clean from brake dust and other debris. It’s strength allows section thickness as thin as 1,6mm only. Which makes them so light.

Tire pressure sensors

In our MaxSensor partner shop you will find tire pressure sensors for your Porsche rims. We supply your wheels with tires and sensors – just as you like.

Buy in one stop all from one hand – shipped to your door.

Wheels Made in Germany for Opel GT

Quality Made in Bad Segeberg:
Schmidt Wheels are manufactured with the highest accuracy and precision, so you have to be long enjoyment of this product.

Schmidt Wheels available worldwide! We ship worldwide, please send us an email.

We look forward to your inquiry.