Alloy wheels made by Schmidt – Quality made in Germany


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          About Schmidt wheels

          Our name Schmidt Revolution is synonymous with the production of exclusive and individual light alloy rims which offer innovative technological properties in the car tuning sector.


          Modern computer controlled precision machines combined with the manual work of our technical top qualified mechanics form our high-class wheels that are unique worldwide. We control and record every process step and each wheel gets an own type plate with an individual production number. So it is always possible to understand the work steps and later you can determine when your rim was produced and who worked on it.


          Modular wheels are an awesome expression of wheel manufacturing art and each wheel produced by Schmidt follows the true motor sport wheels principles. Your perfect wheel is matched together out of selected components and that gives you the chance to make your vehicle look unique.

          Innovative wheel technology powered by Schmidt

          Schmidt Revolution was founded in October 1985 as a proprietorship by Volker Schmidt. Very fastly a production facility was affliated to fulfil all varied customer requirements promptly and reliably.


          Based in Bad Segeberg in Schleswig-Holstein Schmidt supplies wheels with the additive „Made in Germany“ which stands for high quality and precision. One-piece-rims or tripartite ones; wheels for Audi, Mercedes, Lamborghini or any other car; black or silver design; individual offset for your own car – Schmidt Wheels ensures that your tuning heart will beat faster. Nothing is to be desired, Schmidt makes sure the wheels fit perfectly onto your car, each one is checked carefully and we guarantee nothing is from the shelf. Individuality is written with capital letters in our company.


          Due to constant product developments we offer all customers always actual designs with excellent features – our most significant and important invention is for sure our Radinox rim well.

          How wheels are produced

          An individual product desires very specialized manufacturing process and our customers expect us to convince them where other rim fabricators give up because some requests are above their possibilities. Schmidt is characterized by special services and single-unit production, as there are:


          • edition wheels with offset on the defined specifications of the customer
          • design and material selection by customer request
          • surface finish by customer´s wish, e.g. DurChrome
          • manufacturing unique pieces

          Wheel technicians at work

          Here in Germany craftsmen do their apprenticeships for three years in vocational school by the chamber of commerce. All trainees receive their practical skills training in workshops of their companies from their masters.


          4 days a week the young people are training practically in their apprenticeship companies and for one day a week they are training by the chamber in their vocational school. It is also possible to have block teaching, so you have the practical training for some weeks and school for some weeks without working in the company that time. This profile is exactly matching the needs of their companies and this system makes it quite easy to find the best person for the job.


          Spinning metal is a craft and the traditional job of a Gürtler is very important if a perfect round wheel should be produced.

          Things to know about three-part wheels

          Compared with one-piece rims the tripartite ones offer a lot of advantages: The rotationally symmetrical manufacture of three part Schmidt wheels effects an even weight distribution. So no imbalance can arise inside the wheels and this leads to a better concentricity which will have positive impact to the high-speed range. Our special Schmidt manufacturing process achieves a high material compaction and this allows especially thin wall strength. That leads to a drastic weight reduction.


          And last but not least a tripartite wheel offers more varied mounting options. The car can be matched optimally to your car, width and offset is highly modifiable. Furthermore these kind of wheels allow a better repair capacity and a deeper well than one-piece rims.


          Alloy rims with a stainless steel panel on the well are repaired in a fast and cheap way: The new steel well is easily forced onto your wheel. We balance your rims on our vibration control center, moreover the roll over behavior is controlled by this machine. The data shows our technician how to optimize your wheel set.


          Any kerb damages on alloy rims can be machined, we need to remove material from the kerbing edge of it. After this process the wheel must be varnished in this area.


          We reassemble your wheel for sure before we send it back to you. In Germany everything that belongs to cars and is getting onto German streets is checked with a critical look and needs a technical report. Only with this report you are allowed to take you wheels onto your car when you are driving on the streets. So you can be sure you get high quality and optimized safety because German standard is one of the highest in the world. Our wheels are optimized for speeds higher than 300 km/h, you can race along and need not worry about safety.


          Radinox lips are made in Germany and they are worldwide unique and they are only available at Schmidt Revolution tuning wheels. Radinox is an extremely hard and light premium steel. The outer well of Schmidt wheels consists completely of this high-quality material. The well is especially easily soiled and vulnerable for stone impact. All 3 partite Schmidt wheels do have their Radinox ring at this place which is resistant against such mechanical loading. It never corrodes and shows the ultimate long-term shine for lifetime. So it is possible to drive wheels with an extremely deep well which stays optically considerable for ever in contrast to one-part wheels. But there is one more important aspect that belongs to our revolutionary and exclusive manufacturing technology. In an innovative proceed the outer kerbing edge is rolled to the inside. Additionally the steel is compressed in this area after a cold deformation and gets very hardened. After this process an all-time rigid protective edge, which ensures safety against damages caused by curbs is created.


          Since 2014 the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is obligation in Germany, the US started years before with that. It means all new vehicles must be equipped with this system in the EU. Some older cars have already been fitted with this to control the pressure inside the tire. At the moment you can find two different systems: indirect sensor systems compare the speeds of all four wheels. If pressure drops inside one tire the rolling circumstances change and wheel speed rises. Indirect TPMS react to this. Direct TPMS determine the wheel pressure with the help of a wireless sensor which is installed inside one tire at its outlet. All data is sent into the car permanently and the tire pressure is shown in the display. Indirect system can only get the abrupt pressure loss and so they are less comfortabe than wireless sensor based TPMS.


          The importance becomes clear when it was clarified that about 70 per cent of all tyre failures happen because of wrong pressure. So TPMS is an essential component in the passive traffic safety system of your vehicle.

          All our applications

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