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Schmidt Wheels from Germany for your Audi

  • A7 2010-, A7 4 G incl. S7 (2010-)
  • only A7 Sportback, Coupe, 4-door car, 4×4 or front drive

These wheels are made for those drivers who are looking for the typical German appearance. The Y-spoke rims are distinctive German.

Schmidt Wheels guarantees a hundred percent fitting accuracy only if the vehicle’s chassis, brake mechanism and steering mechanism are series-production status. If you made any kind of modification, please discuss with your contact person further down prior ordering your Schmidt rims.

Schmidt Wheels are TÜV approved

Please feel free to check the lab report on this link. All our wheels are tested by independent laboratories. The German ministry of transport has installed to monitor aftermarket products. They do check closely on all products for customers‘ safety. No speed limit on the German Autobahn! People go for long distance at high speed. There is no margin for any mistake. Play safe with approved wheels from Germany.

Road tyre for your Audi A7

We made these wheels to take the sizes:

Front: 255/30R21 in combination with Rear: 255/30R21 or
Front: 265/30R21 in combination with Rear: 265/30R21

These tires are available in many different specs and from different brands.

Dedicated rims and offsets for Audi A7 4G incl S7

At Schmidt wheels we concentrate on the perfect fit. We don’t like spacers or spigot rings. These wheels come with a straight fit.

Recommended offsets

Front 9Jx21H2 ET35  Part# E09021GADO+35JP0

Rear 9Jx21H2 ET35 Part# E09021GADO+35JP0

Relating to difficulties of assembling you can expect barely rework.

Schmidt Wheels is based in Germany

Germany is the birthplace of Gottlieb Daimler and Bertha Benz. Two famous people who invented modern mobility. Up to now Germany has open roads. On the Autobahn you can drive as fast as you like. And believe me – we Germans love to drive fast! For that reason every Schmidt Wheel is designed to go 300 plus!

Gambit Wheels from Schmidt

You can choose your rims in various colors. We offer a small cap exposing the lug bolts. We recommend bolts in black or zinc color to match the wheel color.

Some drivers may prefer the center lock version. It comes with an anodized center lock nut machined from aluminium. The matching cover plate hides the lug bolts nicely.

The centerlock nut is available in different colors. Please ask your dealer for more information.

How do these Schmidt Wheels fit my brakes and suspension?

This set of wheels is approved to fit the brakes of this Audi. They come in the same offset for front and rear.

Order & Delivery

At Schmidt Revolution we ship worldwide. Do not hesitate to contact us via email Please provide the following information with your order:

  • Carmaker and model
  • Year
  • Describe any modifications. Such as brake upgrades or bodymods
  • Prefered tire sizes and brand
  • Preferred wheel size and offsets
  • Your choice of color finish

We are Schmidt-Wheels

If you have questions before or after buying this set just ask us!
You can send us an e-mail to:

We only deliver rims – tires for your wheel set are not included.
This is an export application and we do not ship to USA, Canada or Afghanistan currently.

Additional Information

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