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FS-Line wheels for Lamborghini

This application contains 4 rims

  • FS-Line by Schmidtwheels
  • 19 & 20 inch
  • Color: HighGloss Silver or SatinBlack
  • 3 (three) piece wheel
  • PCD 5×112


FS-Line wheels are constructed:

  • 9Jx19H2 at the front axle offset 47
  • 12,5Jx20H2 at the rear axle offset 08


This application is unique and will be produced exclusively for this Lamborghini. Please contact us if you have another car brand than Lamborghini.
Important: We only deliver your rims – tires for your wheel set are not included.

We suggest suitable tires with the following sizes:

  • 255/30R19 at the front and  345/30R20 at the rear axle


This wheelset will be manufactured just for Lamborghini. If you have got another type than this and if you are interested in this application, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Important: This is an export application which means it is not possible to drive these wheels on a car in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. We can’t provide any technical reports to register them in these countries.

Wheels manufactured in Germany for Lamborghini

Quality Made in Bad Segeberg:
Schmidt Wheels are manufactured with the highest accuracy and precision and this is the reason why you will rejoice in your chosen wheels for a long time.

Schmidt Wheels are available worldwide! We ship worldwide, please send us an email.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Radinox lips from Schmidt

19&20 inch FS-Line rims

FS-Line wheels are rotary spun for high speed use. Tested and approved on the German Autobahn. They are assembled with the latest Radinox lips.

Durable lightweight wheels: Radinox is extremely strong and comes with an extremely hard surface which is always clean – without any brake dust or other debris. Its strength allows section thickness as thin as 1,6mm only and that is what makes them so light.

Not sure if it fits?

Have a look at our technical data sheet

Production & Delivery Time

Every wheel we sell is handmade and produced just for you.

We need about 10-15 days to produce this FS-Line application.

The shipping time depends on your country.

We are Schmidt-Wheels.

If you have questions before or after buying this set. Just ask us!
You can send us an e-mail to:

Tire pressure sensors

Our MaxSensor partner shop offers you tire pressure sensors for your Lamborghini Murcielago rims. Annoying assembling is dropped. We supply your wheels with sensors – if you like.

Buy in one stop all from one hand – shipped to your door.

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