19″ CC-Zero for VW Golf MK7

  • 4x 8,5x19H2 ET45
  • matt titanium
  • PCD 5×112

Delivery time: 30 days

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Tuner wheels for Volkswagen Golf MK7

These wheels are made for those drivers who are going for performance. They are approved on German racetracks and on the Autobahn for high speed use.


Schmidt Wheels guarantees a hundred percent fitting accuracy only if the vehicle’s chassis, brake mechanism and steering mechanism are series-production status. If you made any kind of modification, please discuss with our sales team further down prior ordering your Schmidt rims.


Every wheel we sell is handmade and produced only for you. We deliver this MK7 application with PCD 5×112 which will fit your Volkswagen perfectly. Delivery time usually amounts to 14 workdays ex works.

Volkswagen Roadtires

We suggest suitable tires with the following sizes:

Front: 215/35R19 in comb with Rear: 215/35R19 or
Front: 225/35R19 in comb with Rear: 225/35R19

These tires are available in many different specs. There are some very roadworthy tires which are well developed to suit your individual requirements. We found the Golf performing extremely well on this setup.

Multi-spoke design for your Volkswagen MK 7

At Schmidt wheels we concentrate on a sportive wheeldesign for the Golf 7. CC-Zero is a modern multi-spoke wheel which gives your VW the typical German appearance.

Recommended offsets

Front 8,5Jx19H2 ET45

Rear 8,5Jx19H2 ET45

Schmidt Wheels is based in Germany

Germany, the country where you can legally accelerate your Volkswagen Golf MK7 up to top speed. The country with a 20.832 km race track which is open to the public. The birthplace of Gottlieb Daimler and Bertha Benz.

How do these MK7 CC-Zero wheels fit my brakes and suspension?

Have a look at our technical drawing:

Modify Data Sheet

Order & Delivery

At Schmidt Revolution we ship worldwide.

You are interested in this application but not all provided details accord with your car? No problem. Do not hesitate to contact us via email info@schmidt-wheels.com

Please provide the following information with your order:

  • Carmaker and model
  • Year
  • Describe any modifications. Such as brake upgrades or bodymods
  • Prefered tire sizes and brand
  • Preferred wheel size and offsets
  • Your choice of color finish
We are Schmidt-Wheels

If you have questions before or after buying this set just ask us!
You can send us an e-mail to: info@schmidt-wheels.com

We only deliver your rims – tires for your wheel set are not included.
This is an export application and we do not ship to the USA, Canada at Afghanistan currently.

Additional Information

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