TH-Line 17 “ Golf 1 wheels by Schmidt

Technical Details  of 17inch TH-Line wheels

Schmidt TH-Line available now – with high offsets!

Volkswagen enthusiasts and their endless demand for outstanding wheels created the idea to use zero inch wide outer lips with a negative profile on our Schmidt TH-Line centers.

Since the late 80s TH-Line wheels where build up to 16inch only. We never considered a 17inch Modern-Line version until Nankang brought out their 165/35 R17 tire.

We know our customers do understand the terms offset and wheel width. For that reason we spare you with the usual marketing stuff and go for the technical stuff. Please feel free to contact us for further details. We are happy to share.

TH-Line centers protruding to the outside

Schmidt TH-Line wheels are available as modular wheels. In combination with negative lips the distinctive center mounts do stick out of the wheel.

Currently these components are in regular production at Schmidt:

  • negative outer in 0″ x 17
  • negative outer in 0,5″ x 17
  • matching inner lips in 6,5″ x 17
  • matching inner lips in 7″ x 17

TH-Line wheels made to order

The three-piece TH-Line wheels are handbuild to your order. They are assembled with 30 bolts. You can always reassemble them changing the

  • outer lips
  • Center
  • inner barrel

Price per wheel set from:

These TH-Line wheels are manufactured by Schmidt for Export only. They are available by selected dealers only. For a quick idea you may check the Felgenfuchs OnlineShop or ask your local dealer.

The 0x17inch negative outer wheel lip fits just nice with the inner barrel

Technical details for different TH-Line wheels

Drawing of a 6,5x17et57
6,5Jx17H2 et57 - 17" TH-Line with negativ lip for high offsets

By front loading the lips to the Modern-Line center we get a very narrow wheel. Here we are using a 0x17 outer in combination with a 6,5×17 barrel. This way you get a 6,5×17 at et47.

Drawing of a 7x17et50
7Jx17H2 et50 - 17" TH-Line with negativ lip for high offsets

The Schmidt 0 x 17 outer lip with its negative profile allows for wheels up to offset 59.

Drawing of a 7x17et63
7Jx17H2 et63 - 17" TH-Line with negativ lip for high offsets

The 0,5 x 17 outer lip allows for a 7×17 et41 – which is a straight on fitment to many cars.

Drawing of a 7,5x17et57
7,5Jx17H2 et57 - 17" TH-Line with negativ lip for high offsets

For the fans of extrem offset we recommend this version.