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VW Golf 1 wheels #TH-Line

Volkswagens Golf 1 is a real classic – perfect with Schmidt’s TH-Line

Golf 1 by Volkswagen is a real classic for car enthusiasts and absolutely popular. Also without any body modifications it looks perfectly with the right wheels: Here our Schmidt TH-Line 17 inch. All wishes for this car were satisfied with these rims supplied by Schmidt and completed by VW Home.

This car is riding on extreme 165/35 R17 tires. And is lowered into the weeds. To make these wheels fit without spoiling the classic style of this MKI jewel we had to provide extremely high offsets. The wheels on this Volkswagen Golf come in a rare size of 6,5x17et57.


in high offset on negative lips. See the pictures of this car in the gallery on this page. It is an amazing fitment for the Volkswagen Golf. Especially in combination with a lowering kit you are converting your MKI towards the stunning Euro-style.

All these TH-Line wheels are hand build to your order. Just share your ideas with us – most likely we make the wildest dream come true.

TH-Line wheels for VW Golf 1

The three-piece TH-Line wheels are constructed:

  • 6,5Jx17H2 et57 front and rear
  • 0x17 outer lips

Tuning by VWHome

At Schmidt Wheels we are producing negative lips. These assemblies allow for high offsets. Which are essential to lower the Volkswagen into the weeds.

This picture shows the nicely shaped ’negative‘ outer lip and how the inner barrel does match its special profil. There are no adapters necessary.

The 0x17inch negative outer wheel lip fits just nice with the inner barrel
Negative dish with matching inner barrel
Final 3D-model of the TH-Line

Wheels manufactured in Germany for VW Golf MKI

Quality Made in Bad Segeberg:
Schmidt Wheels are manufactured with the highest accuracy and precision and this is the reason why you will rejoice in your chosen wheels for a long time.

Schmidt Wheels are available worldwide! We ship worldwide, please send us an email.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Other TH-Line Applications

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