Wheel Kerbing

Most people know these problems shown on the photo or maybe have experienced them themselves: You have to parallel park your car but you are not attentive enough. As soon as you realize, it is already too late: The sound of scratching makes it obvious: Wheel matched kerb. Another scenario: Sitting in the car you hear and see the ambulance with siren wailing and blue light flashing behind you but there is no space to evade, no driveway or parking lot. Then you must risk offering up your beautiful rims and to maybe scratch them.
And of course it is possible that you were just dreaming while driving on a small street with high kerbs and touched them due to carelessness or you allowed someone to drive your car who can not deal fairly with that.

Repair Service

No matter what happened, scratched rims are great nuisance and after much excitement and offending a solution must be found. There is not only the possibility of buying a new rim but also the chance of repairing your Schmidt alloy rim. We can offer repair service for your damaged rims.
Kerbing damages on one partite Schmidt alloy rims can be turned out with our machines. Here some rim material on the damaged side is removed during this repair process – after this the wheel has to be varnished in this area. Rims with stainless steel lips can be repaired easily, we just change the lip and force it on the well.

The optimal solution for an urban area where you always expect damaged rims and necessary wheel repair would be our Schmidt RADINOX® lips made in Germany. A fibre film bonded between layers of stainless steel from Thyssen Krupp permits lightweight design and is an affordable alternative to aluminium. But it is only so much stronger. If you have only parking space when you are driving up and down the kerbstones of your city, you will ruin plain alloy rims. RADINOX® offers maximum protection against wheel kerbing.


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