CC-ZeroLip wheels

CC-ZeroLip, the new one-part wheel:

With our new CC-ZeroLip we call on experienced tuners.
To specialists, in which extreme is not extreme enough, in which the term wheel protection edge is a foreign word and in which the 215/30R19 should be invented!
The first ‚pure tuner wheel‘: We deliver order-related, the customer makes decisions concerning the wheel’s finish on his own.

 Factsheet CC-ZeroLip wheel:

  • 19 & 20 inch with visible wheel bolts: technical, clean, in proper style
  • In 8,5Jx19 offset 20-45, 8,5Jx20 offset 25-45 & 10Jx20 offset 15-45 for ‚all‘ vehicles
  • Customizable in finish & stripes – talk to your dealer
  • multi spoke design – our new CC-ZeroLip extreme concave

distinct, clear center

This new CC-ZeroLip Felge is only deliverable in 5-hole.
(3- & 4- hole as custom made article in individual cases. offset 60 + distance washer).
The visible wheel bolts look technically, the immerged center takes all holes perfectly and smoothly.  Our embossed Schmidt Revolution metal logo was specifically created and produced for our Schmidt Revolution CC-ZeroLip.

Options and equipment

  • Our 19 or 20″ CC-ZeroLip is deliverable in 3 different styles: 112-5 offset 45 in TitanMatt or in an offset sector of 15-45 (depending on width) in all common offsts in SatinBlack or unvarnished / primed
  • Our CC-ZeroLip is supplied standardly with individual red Schmidt Revolution CC-ZeroLip logo


Your choice:  We deliver your CC-ZeroLip unvarnished/ primed and you choose your desired colour.
Talk to your dealer, he will fulfill your desires.
For all designs, no matter if TitanMatt, SatinBlack or not varnished, we can deliver red wheel stripes for your CC-ZeroLip at a premium.
Please specify this desire explicitly. Other colours on request.
Let your imagination run free, our CC-ZeroLip offers many design and individualization possibilities:
– its ‚main finish‘
– coloured wheel stripes mounted in driving  direction or classical at outer flange
– foil-coating of single spokes
– mounting of lug nuts

Spokes, ‚edge‘, dominant design & concavitiy: This is our CC-ZeroLip

We attended to our customer’s wishes and sat together to manage this issue. It should be concave, cars must still be drivable (airride, static, deep…), but also big brakes should be mounted… it was a vehement challenge to get all these factors under control. With our CC-ZeroLip we managed all of this: 8,5Jx19 with a concavitiy of 62mm!!!
We use different teniques to produce and offer our CC-ZeroLip wheel in this way, fulfilled our cutomers‘ desires and we slipped our own handwriting in … the result?!
Our CC-ZeroLip

Technical Link

Wheelsize Offset Weight
8,5Jx19 ET 20 - 45 ~ 11,2 kg
8,5Jx20 ET 25 - 45 ~ 13 kg
10Jx20 ET 15 - 45 ~ 14,5 kg