CF-Line | look of a classic threepart wheel

one part wheel with 20 vigorous tightened spokes

multipart look with ingenuity

Our CF-line is available in glossy black (GlossBlack) or glossy silver (HighGloss Silver). The chromed decorative screws create a noble and multipart look.
The outlet’s position is sneaky too, it seems to be quite invisible between all decorative screws.

Softhorn or high grade steel facplate  – not only a price question

    As standard we deliver CF-Line wheels in 19 and 20 inch with fully varnished flange. Optionally you can order our deluxe edition with polished stainless steel faceplate. The advantage is not only this high luster surface which can be cleaned easily but it is also exchangable in worst case szenario.

Everything is possible

This is without equal: No matter if 19 or 20 inch we can produce your CF-Line in desired bolt circle, whether 3 hole, 4 hole , 5 hole or 6 hole.
From offset 98 – 130, CF-Line makes everything possible.

Winter wheel

Due to full varnishing incl rim well our CF-Line is suitable perfectly for winter use. 6 months of the year we use winter tyres, why not looking great  with them?
According to the motto „chich through winter“ we can offer our CF-Line for a lot of cars for winter and this as a a general rule with technical component report.
Even in the sector of American musclecars like Dodge Challenger, Camaro welcome.

Individualization and options

  • Special bolt circles at no extra charge
  • stainless steel coverplate – from 79€/ wheel extra charge
  • weight optimization (at least 0,6Kg) – 49€/ wheel extra charge

For an exchange of your coverplate, please get in touch with your dealer.
Here you can find a list of local Schmidt Revolution dealers: Contact
Special varnish or powder-coating are possible via your dealer.

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