Drago wheels for wide base tyres

The Volker Schmidt Wheel Forge created again a masterpiece: our Schmidt Drago. With this wheel we unite everything a modern wheel needs. It offers unique design, much brake clearance, light construction, high strength and an extravagant finish.

With screw cover  – ideal finish

From now on we deliver our Drago with screw covers, depending on offset. This creates a clear finish and protects the screw holes against environmental impacts. The radial cover blankets the wheel bolt fully and cleans our Drago’s design.
Fans of ‚exposed bolts‘ can exchange their screw cover for hub caps. Then screw heads are visible and emerge more or less – depending on offset.

Wheel variety in only one design

We offer following sizes:
8,5Jx19H2 and 10Jx19H2 
By now we are preparing a DeepConcave version of 10Jx19H2.
9Jx20H2 plus 10,5Jx20H2 and 11Jx20H2
(Concave & DeepConcave available)

9Jx21H2 plus 10,5Jx21H2 and 11,5Jx21H2
(9J = Concave, 10,5J & 11,5J = DeepConcave) 

Big brake? No problem for our  Schmidt Drago!

It was constructed a way to rump through all current ceramik brakes of super sportlers. Its light construction enables high performance.

Options and equipment:

  • We offer different colors:
    • HellCatBlack
    • HighGlossSilver
    • WinterBlack
    • TitanMatt
  • Different concavities, depending on width
  • Special colours available at a premium