forged wheels with Radinox technology

Tripartite screwed forged wheels. This specialised manufacturing process enables varying designs. Forged wheel are no mass product. Each forged part is constructed lavishly and manufactured in batch. Only high-strength alloy is used.  CNC controlled fabrication machines run their programmes for hours to cut the desired design.
Each single forced 3-part forged wheel is completed with Radinox rim wells.Widths up to 15J can be produced. As desired we realize negative offsets for wheels with an extreme deep well.
Special colors individualize your forged wheel and create your own unicum. Get more information from one of our based dealers.

Options and prices for forged wheels

6 hole production e.g.for Viper – no extra charge.
weight optimization min. 0,6 kg – 49€ per wheel.
special color e.g. white or black textured powder – 99€ per wheel.
black chromed or gilt connecting bolt  – 149€ per wheelset.
wheel bolt or nut gilt – 2,90€ per piece.
special process for adaption of original manufacturer logo – 69€ per wheelset (caps of desired manufacturer e.g. Porsche, Mercedes must be provided). An eight mm steel valve is mounted. Prepared for Beru tyre pressure sensors.

Conversions/repairs and prices

test of concentricity of accidental damaged wheels with log – 15€ per wheel.
Exchange of Radinox outer well. Depending on sizes from 249€.
Exchange of inner well – from 219€.