FS Line – When individualityy gets a name

With our Fs Line we unite the most important features of an alloy wheel. Due to its weight optimized skeleton construction it is light and offers much brake clearance. FS Line impresses with its noble design and absolutely versatility. Different vaulted stars can be sheeted in perfect combination at front and rear axle. Additionally you can achieve different color combinations because your wheels get your desired RAL color at the moment of production.
Zusätzlich zur 20 Zoll Stufenbett Variante der FS-Line Felgen, bieten wir Ihnen auch eine Flachbettvariante in 19 Zoll an.

Factsheet FS-Line

An overview of stars in connection with outer rings:
FS-Line configurator

Versatility due to tripartite option

FS Line is available in 19“ & 20“ and produced in threepart construction. The advantage: offset is quite flexible. A manufacture between 8J-15J width  (depending on diameter) is possible without any problems.


Thanks to our for years proven Radinox technology this wheel withstands kerbs. Scratches can be overhauled without any problems and without big repairs – sand paper is enough.

Big brake? No problem!

Due to its construction and different star versions, big brakes from e.g. AMG, BMW, Lamborghini are no problem.

available colors

All stars are varnished individually by order. You can choose from these colors:

Black chromed or gilt connection screws  – 149€ per wheel set.
wheel bolts or nuts gilt – 2,90€ per piece

repairs of 3-part wheels

If single parts are damaged, they can be changed cheaply.
repair inner well 19-20″: from 219,-
repair Radinox ring 19-20″: from 259,-

FS-Line Konfigurator