Jack Line

Jack Line – threepart look for almost every car

Its timeless design is equipped with decorative screws and a stainless steel coverplate. This combination creates a deceptive real looking style.
The stainless steel coverplate provides maximum sheen with easy care. And if you ever touch a kerb or your wheel is affected by any negative leverage, it can be renewed cheaply.
The flat spokes divert the sight from brake system, so small brakes or unattractive axle parts stays covered.
Our Jack Line is available in endless combinations. Even a 3-hole application is no problem.
Additionally our Jack Line is winter suitable. This extends its area of application again.

Jack Line’s well:
8Jx18  2″
8,5Jx19 2″
9,5Jx19 3″

Options and prices

Special bolt circles are available without any extra charge.
If desired we can powder-coat your wheel in another colour and / or foil-coat the stainless steel coverplate coloured.
Even a weight optimization is possible. Please get in touch with a local dealer, he can advise in great detail.

Price for an exchange of coverplate:
18″ from 129,-
19″ from 149,-
For an exchange please get in touch with your local dealer. An overview of Schmidt Revolution dealers: : overview

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