Items delivered:

alloy wheel with stainless steel faceplate and bolt circle cover

Options and prices

Special bolt circles – at no extra charge.
weight optimization min. 0,6 kg – 49€ per wheel.

Linus edition

Rhino wheels are standard delivered with satin surface. Exclusively our special edition ‚Linus‘ has a shiny surface. Compatible to this glossy black color the Linus cap in center was optimized. See a short description on YouTube: description.

Repairs and prices

test of concentricity with log – 15€ per wheel.
Exchange of stainless steel faceplate:
19″ from 149€ per wheel
20″ from 179€ per wheel
22″ from 199€ per wheel
Please get in touch with your dealer for an exchange of a faceplate.
Here you can find a Schmidt Revolution dealer overwiew:  Find a dealer