Original TH-Line wheels are always real multiparts. Screwed as in racing – of course handmade. With deep stepped rim wells and polished middle part.

TH-Line is sense of life – Thanks to Timo and VW home!

conversions and processing

With 25 years of building time every set of wheels needs a refreshment. In our service centre we offer overhaul by standard:

test of concentricity with log
Exchange of stainless steel faceplate – even Radinox upgrade. Depending on size
Exchange of inner well. Depending on size
Exchange of broken middle part – on demand

TH-Line wheel technique- Link to widths and offsets

Technical Link

Wheelsize Offset Weight
7,5Jx13 - 10Jx13 - 3part ET table ca. 5,8 kg
7Jx14 - 10,5Jx14 - 3part ET table ca. 6,2 kg
7Jx15 - 10Jx15 - 3part ET table ca. 7,8 kg
7,5Jx16 - 9,5Jx16 - 2part ET table ca. 9,5 kg
8Jx17 - 10,5Jx17 - 2part ET table ca. 9,8 kg
7Jx18 - 12,5Jx18 - 3part ET table ca. 10,9 kg