Modern design with a multipart’s individuality – TwentyOne Forged

This extraordinary neoteric design of our TwentyOne and all advantages of a multipart wheel.
Our TwentyOne Forged gives a new meaning to the terms customisation and personalized wheels.
In fine: modern design, brake clearance, individual concavities, different widths, light construction, each set one of a kind, and so on…
For the present only available in 21″ – but all current bolids can be equipped.

Factsheet TwentyOne:

  • Concave & DeepConcave available
  • Star customizable to car
  • Individual widths and rim wells with Radinox available
  • Forged blank + individuelle CNC Bearbeitung
  • One diameter & rim width from 8 to 15+
  • In stock in nearly all current bolt circles and offsets
  • Customization for your vehicle


  • GlossBlack
  • SatinBlack
  • HighGlossSilver
  • Matt Titan
  • Steelgrey

Versatility by multipart construction

Our TwentyOne Forged 21″  is produced in tripartite design. The advantage: We are very flexible relating to offset. By adapting inner and outer wells, flange and concavity almost all offsets can be produced.
Fabrication of widths of 8J-15J depending on diametre) is possible without any problems.


Thanks to our for years proven Radinox technology this wheel stands up to curbs. Marks can be mended without big problems or a costly repair, abrasive paper ist enough.

Big brake? No problem!

Big brakes like from e.g. AMG, BMW, Lamborghini are no problem due to the wheel’s construction and different types of stars.

Individual adaption

Origin of each TwentyOne Forged wheel is a forging blank. This is made to order by a complex CNC manufacturing process according to chosen design.

For fans of a maxixum well we can adapt all different wheel parts to optimize the maximum Radinox outer well.
Your desire is more concavity? In this case we optimize all single parts and the star to that effect.
You need a high offset? This is no problem either.
Each set can be adapted, optimized and built to your desires. More individuality is not possible!

TwentyOne Forged Audi RS5 10,5″x21 concave at front and deepconcave at rear

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TwentyOne Design in detail

The design of our TwentyOne relies on many different details, which alltogether result in this unique look.
Side spokes 
Small detail – unique effect. This side spoke helps the TwentyOne to be silhouettedagainst all other wheels. This mixture of  Y- and V- spoke design creates neoteric design.
Drill spoke
As usual we can produce almost every common offset. To realize this we adapted the spokes‘ ends in the center.
The result are drill spokes with distinctive look.
Wheel cap
Of course our TwentyOne comes with a matching wheel cap. This creates a clean finish and keeps outer impacts away from the actual wheel mounting.


recognition factor – Schmidt lettering at outer space

Side Spokes + Drill Spokes

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