maximum rim well – VN Line

VN Line

Looking for a wheel which strikes the eye? You want maximum well with as much luster as possible?
Then you can stop searching now. Due to its specially designed Y-spokes extreme wells are possible. Using our special outer rings made of Radinox create an unusual high luster. Additionally to this the extremely hard material makes our VN-Line absolutely suitable for daily use.

VN-Line – all-rounder

We offer our VN-Line as a multipart wheel and as a onepart wheel. While our multipart model is mainly intended for classical bolt circles our onepart edition (monobloc) can be equipped with CenterLock. With these possibilites we can cover a broad range of vehicles.
Our 3-part VN-Line wheels receive a stable Radinox outer rim an can be adapted to your car. The 1-part VN-Line is a forged wheel and derives its origin from racing. CenterLock vehicles like Porsche GT3 or Lamborghini Huracan can be equipped.

Repairs and prices

Please get in touch with your local dealer or one of our numerous base dealers for an offer for your individual VN-Line repair.

Technical Link

Wheelsize Offset Weight
7Jx18 - 12,5Jx18 Tech Daten VN-Line 18 inch flatbed
7,5Jx19 - 12Jx19 Tech Daten VN-Line 19 inch step 12,2 - 12,5 kg
7,5Jx20 - 12Jx20 Tech Daten VN-Line 20 inch step 12,8 - 13,3 kg