XS5 – concave alloy wheels

9J slim but extremely concave  – XS5 for tuner! This wheel can be combined with a 245/30 tyre for really deep vehicles. It shares its mould with the wider 9,5×19 xs5. This causes its extreme concave spoke design.In combination with 245/30R19 wheels our XS5 fits without problems into rear wheel cases of BMW 1series and 2series. Vehicles of VAG group from Audi to Seat till VW take these 9×19 gratefully. A 245 wheel can be mounted easily to a 9J width and makes an attractive lower suspension setting. For your front axle we deliver matching XS5 in 8,5Jx19.

Optional with polished stainless steel faceplate on outer flange.
Technology: Flowforming rim well for reduced mass caused by weight optimization.

Flowforming wheels

We are very proud of our 19 inch XS5 conkave alloy wheels.  We reduced its wall thickness to approx. 3,5mm and of course meet requirements of German KBA. This saves weight without being a costly affair.

Options and equipment:

  • Also without stainless steel faceplate – especially the black XS5 alloy wheels are chosen gladly without stainless steel faceplate
  • edition wheel silver brushed  – only available in 18 inch
  • special edition white – only residual wheel sets

Repairs of concave wheels

As German manufacturer we offer a revision service for our XS5. Directly in factory we renew your faceplate and check your potentially damaged wheel. Wheel kerbs are eradicated by changing your stainless steel faceplate.

Caps for XS5

19 and 20 inch XS5 wheels are delivered with covered wheel bolts. A big 5-finger cap covers all wheel mounting parts. Only our 18 inch XS5 versions are produced with exhibited wheel wheel bolts. Here no big cap is possible. But for that 18″ versions are available in 4-hole.

19 inch XS5

19 inch XS5 wheels are procud deep concave since 2016. Even for deep vehicles this is a great advantage: You can drive a 235/30R19 tyre even at the rear axle. We show the concavity of all different 19 inch widths in this drawing

frequent questions concerning XS5

– Can the stainless steel rings be forced on after refinement?  XS5 stainless steel coverplates can be forced on after refining or varnishing.  Glossy compression or effect coatings are no problem.
– Will the center cap melt while powder coating? It is made of alloy and can be powder coated.

all concavities of XS5 in comparison

Technical Link

Wheelsize Offset Weight
8,5Jx18 ET 25 - 55 ~ 12 kg
9,5Jx18 ET 18 - 45 ~ 12,7 kg
8,5Jx19 ET 15 - 45 ~
9Jx19 ET 9 - 39 ~
9,5Jx19 ET 15 - 45 ~
8,5Jx20 ET 15 - 45 ~ 12,5 kg
9Jx20 ET 15 - 45 ~ 13 kg
10,5Jx20 ET 10 - 40 ~ 14 kg