Many build wheels but no one the way we do

Individual products need specialised production processes. Our customers expect us to convince where most wheel producers must decline. What marks Schmidt Revolution are special services and individual constructions like:

  • edition wheels with offset by customer’s specification
  • design by customer’s specification
  • material choice by customer’s order
  • day of delivery by customer’s specification
  • fabrication of unicums

each customer determines ‚his‘ desired offset, Schmidt Revolution lathes the offet to accuracy dimension.

bolt circle, screw holes, centering – the  customer orders custom made, Schmidt Revolution drills to measure.

A Schmidt Revolution wheel has to work without lowering one’s sights: with a perfect, vibration-free concentricity.

star constellations:
rim stars – here the three part model of our VN-Line – are on the shelf ordered by wheel diameter.

stellar appearance:
inner rings ordered by size by the pile – for a faster handling of big commissional works.

rough diamonds:
Wheel workpieces are stored under protective foil on pallets. They are manufactured to dimension by custom order.

Schmidt Revolution’s nerve pathways are our proprietary computer network and our homepage:
A customer’s order is forwarded online in split seconds: to warehouse, to production, to quality control, to material purchase and finally to forwarding department – the goods arrive at customer’s home.
The Schmidt Revolution team can react fastly and flexibly to customer requirements.

Speed – there is nothing to it:
Daily business is customer consulting on the phone or via Internet and Schmidt staff deals with this calmly and relaxed – with authority. offers you to:

  • check all wheel expert’s reports
  • trace the order process online (only for Schmidt dealer)
  • call up availabilities