Schmidt Revolution wheels in Bad Segeberg

For more than 3 decades Schmidt is producing bespoke wheels for car enthusiast all over the world. Developed to make the best cars more individual.

German technology and thoroughness are implanted into the well experienced team of Schmidt Wheels. The founder and owner Volker Schmidt is running the business as a car addict. Driven by passion – not money – the team is lead to invent and improve wheels for the best cars in the world.

Everybody of the team was born and brought up in a free country without speed limit. In a country with public racetracks such as the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Living in the heart of Europe these people do understand because they drive themselves.

Germany brought up the first motor car – a Mercedes Benz. It proved its usability when driven by the wife and the little sons of the engineer Karl Benz. Schmidt wheels invented RADINOX® wheels for individuals like Bertha Benz. People who take things in their own hands. For individuals who know to enjoy their days on the sunny side. Relaxed people who know to treasure a good piece of steak and the luxury of a German car.

Feel free to become a member of the exclusive world of German Tuner wheels. Treat yourself with a set of RADINOX® wheels for your beloved car. European customers purchase their wheels via our distributors. Overseas customers please inquire at our German office for your set of wheels.