special services for specialists

We offer our support and our knowhow exclusively for tuners and other wheel manufacturers when it comes to special tasks or problems.

No matter what special need you have. Just get in contact with us. We are on hand with help and advice for you and we are looking forward to collaborating with you.

Radinox – the stainless steel ring for your exclusive wheel
We like to make our Radinox technology available to third parties like tuners and wheel manufacturers. You want to equip your multipart wheel with Radinox. Certainly we deliver these wheel halfs even loose.

new developments
You want to implement a wheel in your unique exclusive design? We support you! We’d like to assume construction, toolmaking and assembly for you.

technical component report for exclusive applications
You need a technical component report or a vehicle typre approval for a wheel tyre combination? Our standard is ISO9000. We create technical component reports or vehicle typre approvals for products made by us. Tuning always means individualizing and this is why we do not want to stand in the way of your creativity. For sure you plan to make special broad conversions we did not check for our standard trade programme. We create the appropriate  technical component reports with pleasure.

prototype development
You as a developer need a small initial batch for making some test drives before production run? We help immediately. No matter if you want to test a wheel with a 60 offset on a 6 piston brake caliper or just want to drive on the test block. We deliver quickly starting from 1 piece.

bike wheels und combination wheels
For sure you can drive our Radinox rim wells with motorcycles or combinations. 15″ or 18″ ? Here you find what you are looking for.

Radinox for milled stars
You mill your wheel middle part out of aluminium round blanks? we deliver the required rim wells in an order-related amount. Get your offer now.

Wheels for sophisticated claims  – harmony and value with stainless steel

Our technical support helped Schmidt Wheels to create a new technology of threepart, bolted design wheels for high standard to maturity phase and successful marketing. Wheel star and inner rim well are still made of alloy, the outer rim well is made of stainless steel.

This corrosion resistent steel is made produced by a special manufacturing process, where the material is formed in warm conditions which creates the wheel’s optimal performance characteristics. An extremely hard protection edge is built to save the wheel from wheel curbing and the light weight construction potential of stainless steel is completely utilized.

By the use of stainless steel more product advantages arise: longer durability, up to this point a never reached brilliance, harmony, technical presence and valuable look.This technique and the use of stainless steel brought worldwide attention at automotive aftermarket to the German company Schmidt Revolution, located in Bad Segeberg.

These styling wheels are TÜV approved and consonsant with after market requirements.

Taken from: NIROSTA INFO 10/2002

GT-Performance – example for a tuner project
– step 1: Describe your desired design exactly.
– step 2: We transfer your design demand into a  3D CAD model.
– step 3: Via FEM analysis we optimize this application construction concerning wheel load and brake clearance.
– step 4: We manufacture these middle parts for you.Minimum batch size 100 pieces.
– step 5: We instigate TÜV checks.
– step 6: We produce from your middle parts made by order your desired wheels in in each desired size. Minimum batch size 1 piece.

technical data  – here you can find standard drawings for your construction:

– 20-21 inch rim wells assembly drawings (zipped dxf data)