Schmidt Revolution Wheels Programme. For more than 30 years we offer one part as well as multipart (2- or 3part) wheels. Proved quality, classic and modern designs. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing we can equip most cars.


KYAN – 21″

Schmidt Revolution ‚KYAN‘.
New standards of concavity= Infinity DeepConcave!
The focus of the KYAN? The MAXIMUM! Extreme concavities can be achieved through consistent vehicle specific applications:
90mm at 10Jx21 and insane 120mm at 11,5Jx21.

Colors: SatinBlack/ Bronze
Sizes: 10JX21 / 11,5Jx21

Flange: softhorn

18HDX – 18″

Schmidt Revolution ’18HDX‘.
18HDX – our strongest rim for
VAN’s, campers and transporters

With the Schmidt Revolution 18HDX, the Segeberger rim forge ‚launches‘ a beefy, all terrain design with high load capacities.Optimized for harsh environments, the 18HDX is the ideal wheel for VANs, campers and vans.

Colors: SatinBlack, Frontpoliert
Sizes: 8,5Jx18

Flange: softhorn

ZAYN – 20″ / 21″

Schmidt Revolution ‚ZAYN‘.
The next level.

Athletic and rare ‚3-spoke-design‘, many designdetails and

much brake clearance = evertything a modern wheel should have.

Colors: BronzeMatt, SatinBlack
Sizes: 9Jx20 / 9Jx20 Deep / 10,5Jx20 Deep

Flange: softhorn

Schmidt TwentyOne TitanBrushed Front

TwentyOne – 19″ / 20″

Schmidt Revolution ‚TwentyOne‘.
This neoteric design with its filigree side-spokes arrange a futuristic and very modern style.
The spoke fronts of both now color finishes appear in brushed look.

Colors: BronzeBrushed, TitanBrushed, GlossBlack
Sizes: 8,5Jx19, 8,5Jx20 / 9,5Jx20 / 9,5Jx20 Deep / 10,5Jx20 Deep

Flange: softhorn

Gambit – 19″ / 20″ / 21″ / 22″ / 24″

Design for all cars
You love the classic sporting style? Then the Gambit is your new rim! The open spoke form is easy-care and shows a great performance at each place.

Colors: SatinBlack, HighGlossSilver
Sizes: 8,5Jx19 / 9,5Jx19, 8,5Jx20 / 10Jx20 / 9Jx21 / 10,5Jx21, 9,5Jx22 / 10,5Jx22 / 11,5Jx22, 10,5Jx24 / 12,5JX24

Flange: softhorn

Schmidt Drago Wheel Front HellCat Black

 Drago – 19″ / 20″ / 21″

Modern design for bolides
With our Schmidt Drago a new masterpiece was created in Volker Schmidt’s wheel factory. The new Drago unites all what a modern rim needs: distinctive design, much brake clearance, light construction, high stability and an extravagant finish.

Colors: HellCat Black, HighGlossSilver, SatinBlack
Sizes: 8,5Jx19/ 10Jx19, 9Jx20 / 10,5Jx20 / 11Jx20 / 12Jx20 / 9Jx21 / 10,5JX21 / 11,5Jx21

Flange: softhorn

Eckstein – 23″

23 inch wheel for SUVs and bolides with space in their wheel cases
With our Eckstein we now can equip cars with rims of a size of 23″.  Many SUVs do have enough space for these massive rims and they get a brawny look.

Colors: GlossBlack, GunMetal
Sizes: 10,5×23 / 12×23

Flange: softhorn

 CC-ZeroLip – 19″ / 20″

Tuning wheels with concavity
From tuner to tuner – our CC-ZeroLip is outstanding with its maximum concavity and convinces with an extreme design with brute look.
19″& 20″ available from stock. Get yours!

Colors: TitanMatt, NoPaint
Sizes: 8,5Jx19, 8,5Jx20 / 10Jx20

Flange: softhorn

Tyron – 20″

20″ Twinspokes für special vehicles
You are owner of a Ford Transit, Transit Custom & Tourneo Custom? We have the perfect 20″ wheel for you. Our Tyron rim with elegant 10 twin- spokes design is the only one of its kind for all before mentioned cars with technical component report.

Farben: TitanMatt
Größen: 8Jx20

Flange: softhorn


Shift –  22″

Our good value tuner wheel. Spoke design offers space for big brakes. With this the Shift is ideal for Trackday vehicles:

  • resilient
  • light
  • good value

Colors: GlossBlack, SatinBlack
Sizes: 9Jx22 / 10,5JX22

Flange: softhorn

CC Line – 22″

Multispokes design with well
Our CC-Line is applicable in an absolutely variable way.
No matter if classic and subtle or maximum and just wide – our CC-Line leaves nothing to be desired.

Colors: HighGlossSilver, GlossBlack
Sizes: 9,5Jx22 / 10Jx22 / 11Jx22 /11,5Jx22

Flange: stainles steel lip

XS5 – 18″ / 19″ / 20″

Concave – deep concave  – super concave wheels
Depending on wheel width we produce differently concave wheels for front and rear axle. XS5 is made for tuners, that wish maximally concave spokes.

Colors: GlossBlack, HighglossSilver, CeramicWhite
Sizes: 8,5JX18 / 9,5Jx18 , 8,5Jx19 / 9Jx19 / 9,5Jx19, 8,5Jx20 / 9J20 / 10,5X20

Flange: stainles steel lip

TH-Line – 19″

Classic wheels 19″
The classic restarted as 1-part wheel. The next logical step after the multiparts: onepart with flat front anad concave centre.

Colors: hand polished
Sizes: 8,5Jx19

Flange: softhorn

Mystic – 17″ / 19″

Multiplex faceplates create the special color of our Mystic wheel. These colorful decor elements are screwed and can be changed easily to match the color of your car.

Colors: SatinBlack incl. decor element as requested
Sizes: 7,5Jx17 / 8,5Jx19

High-grade steel faceplate on black basic wheel. Colored multiplex plates are available seperately and can be changed with a few movements of hand.

Flange: stainles steel lip

Rhino – 19″ / 20″ / 22″

Wheel for particular requirements
Made for special cars with particular requirements! US-cars, SUVs and vans present challenges to wheel and tyre. Rhino is made for cars with 6-hole connection.

Colors: GunMetal
Sizes: 8,5Jx19 / 9J20

Flange: stainles steel lip


CF-Line – 19″ / 20″

Inspired by motorsports
Classical multispoke as 1-part wheel for Youngtimers as well as actual vehicles.

Colors: GlossBlack, HighGlossSilver, unvarnished
Sizes: 8,5Jx19 / 9,5Jx19 , 9,5Jx20

Flange: stainles steel lip

Gotham – 20″ / 21″

Modern design with much space
Looking for much brake clearance and a dynamic design? Our Gotham is the perfect choice.
Staggered tuner applications are no problem, so possible applications for PS bolides are nearly endless.

Colors: GunMetal front polished, HighGlossSilver
Sizes: 8,5Jx20 / 10Jx20

Flange: softhorn

Phantom – 18″/ 19″ / 20″

Phantom wheels are produced for more than 350 cars!Also for slim sizes as 7,5×19. As desired even with  4-hole connection.
(only available: 18″+19″ !)

Colors: SatinBlack
Sizes: 7,5Jx19

Flange: stainles steel lip

Jack Line – 18″ / 19″

The extensive Jack Line blocks the view of axle and brake parts. Smooth spoke surfaces in combination with a dirt repellant high-grade steel faceplate create an elegant impression.

Colors: SatinBlack
Sizes: 9,5Jx19

Flange: stainles steel lip


FS-Line – 19″ / 20″ / 21″ / 22″

3-part, rotoforged:
The premium wheel, manufactured to dimension individually for you.Widths to 15J leaves nothing to be desired. Rotationally symmetrical made rim wells roll conveniently and safely with velocities >300km/h.

Colors: individually coated – selection of 10 colors
Sizes: 19″/ 20″/ 21″

Flange: RADINOX outer lip

CC Line – 19″ / 20″ / 21″

Our CC-Line is applicable in an absolutely variable way.
No matter if classic and subtle or maximum and just wide – our CC-Line leaves nothing to be desired.

Colors: HighGlossSilver, SatinBlack, DurChrome
Sizes: 19″/ 20″/ 21″

Flange: RADINOX outer lip

TH-Line – 13″ / 14″ / 15″ / 16″ / 17″ / 18″

The multipart classic by Schmidt.Since the early 90s our TH-Line family has compiled its place on many leading tuning cars in the world.Here is the original – cheap seats only for Far East copies.

Colors: hand polished
Sizes: 13″/ 14″ / 15″ / 16″ / 17″ / 18″

Flange: RADINOX outer lip

Modern Line – 15″ / 16″

Our Modern-Line – born in Rallyecross of the 80s
We maintain our tradition and do still produce one part and three part ML wheels. We offer our repair service for 3part wheels in 13, 14 und 15 inch.

Colors: HighGlossSilver
Sizes: 15″ / 16″

Flange: RADINOX outer lip

VN-Line – 18″ / 19″ / 20″

You are looking for a wheel which strikes? You want maximal well? Here you are with our VN-Line!
Gladly we elaborate a combination with maximum well adapted your car.

Colors: HighGlossSilver, GlossBlack
Sizes: 18″/ 19″/ 20

Flange: RADINOX outer lip

Schmidt Performance offers forged wheels made by order.

TwentyOne Forged – 20″ / 21″ / 22″

DG-Line – 19″ / 20″ / 21″

GA-Line – 18″ / 19″ / 20″

Classic Schmidt wheels for Old- and Youngtimer

In more than 30 years we brought more than 20 wheel designs to the market. Many of these designs are still available today and we can equip Old- and Youngtimers with them. Classic wheels for classic cars.
Learn more about it: