Wheel Configurator

Just choose your car

Here you find  suitable alloy wheels for your vehicle. Our Schmidt wheel configurator helps you finding appropriate wheel sets. We offer several wheel designs and produce each set fitting your car.


Especially for winter we arranged some wheelsets in our winter wheel configurator. These sets are adjusted optimally to the cold season and they care for safe driving from A to B with  your bolid in winter and they ensure you need not renounce an individual summer look.



Which car fan does not know this sentence? I really would like to have new wheels…You often hear these words just before the neccessary modification to summer wheels.. But sometimes even in winter when everyone has enough time to browse and check new wheels that could probably match the vehicle perfectly.

Many tuning fans buy a new set of wheels from an aesthetic point of view. Often a car becomes a real eyecatcher only with the right wheels. The decision of new light alloy wheels is often easier than the choice of the full wheel itself – not each wheel matches each car and many facts must be regarded before purchase.



Our Schmidt Revolution wheel configurator for all brands helps you to determine which wheels of our wheel supplies or tuner programme match  your vehicle. Not only measurements but also an exact production is crucial – especially for bolides. For example spare rotations must be considered to make the wheels in contact with the car accurate to millimetre. Only with this an ideal concentricity and maximum safety can be ensured.

A typical wheel livery could be: 8,5Jx20H2 5/112 offset 38

It is a wheel with a width of 8,5 inch and a diametre of 20 inch. 5/112 means five drilled holes are available for wheel bolts and 112 describes the diameter in mm ofthe wheel on which the middle circles of these five holes are located.

Just open the configurator and choose your car and model. Afterwards all available wheel designs are shown for this choice. At Schmidt Revolution you order only wheels, a full set – means wheel and tyre – is not available. But you can find the matching size of tyres for each chosen wheel application. So your dealer can order the wheels at once, diretly when your set of wheels is commissioned.

Missing a design for your car? No problem. With pleasure, our interal engineering department will check if an application is possible.

Our wheels occupy firmness reports. This is the foundation to the creation of a technical component report. We have already created many technical component reports for many applications. So your set of wheels can be registered.

Of course we do not only offer wheels to our customers for the nice warm time of the year. Even when it comes to snow and salt on our streets, you are prepared optimally. Next to matching offset and center hole we also take care that the wheel is more to the inner side of the wheel case while adapting the offset.

With a Schmidt wheel you never need to lower your sights, exotic cars and vehicles with big brake systems are no problem.



With pleasure we allocate our wheel configurator to dealers.