Schmidt Inside Part 1

Schmidt Wheels: Radinox like a Diamant – stainless material for eternity.

Modular wheels have been invented by BBS in the early 1970’s. They have been developed from pure motorsport wheels into the most prestigious accessories for German luxury cars. Outer lips made from Radinox are the best your money can buy. 

Radinox Production

This video gives an insight into the Radinox production in Germany. You will see the Radinox metal sheets. It requires a special mixture of components to coil a batch of Radinox metal sheets. The ingredients are very critical for the strength and the production process of Radinox lips. A typical melting process supplies us with 18 tonnes of 2,5mm finest metal sheets. Which are spotless under the microscope and absolutely homogenous from the first to the last. A quality we only trust the German Thyssen Krupp to make for us. The video shows the spinning process. It gives you an idea about the energy necessary to spinn this especially hard material into a lip capable to carry the load of an car. You will clearly see the rotating disc when it is getting formed into the shape of a wheel. While a cast wheel is holding softer and harder areas this rotary spun wheel runs 100% true and spotless at speeds exceeding 300km/h.

We are producing Radinox lips for Schmidt wheels and other Tuning companies. When ever it needs to be perfect Radinox is on the plate. Simply because it is the best you can find on any wheel manufacturers menu.

Schmidt Wheels – Bad Segeberg