Gambit wheels


Our Gambit wheel unites all current claimed wheel demands. This wheel with its different sizes and widths matches sports cars the same good way like SUVs. Due to its construction our Gambit can cope with big brakes and this is interesting for tuner that do not want to relinquish car’s performance because of a bigger brake system. But the highlights are all different concavities of the different sizes that create a unique look.


Gambit 19 inch wheel with polished undercut

We deliver our Gambit in 19″ 8,5J plus 9,5J, in 2 versions.
The 1st generation – next to our concave version we offer a deep concave version. With a special treatment we expand the wheel’s concavity by 24mm. The cap of the 1st version exhibits decorative screws and is screwed tightly.
The 2nd generation – cap with new CenterLock clipsystem cares for motorsports feeling. The look of a central locking makes this cap to an eyecatcher. We can deliver this CenterLock in different colors. You can bring out the main points with these colors and individualize your 19″  Gambit.

Gambit 20″ and 21″:

Our 20/21 inch wheels are the 2 big brothers of the 19 inch Gambit.
Due to their spoke design they seem to be more masculine and the 20″ version is available in 8,5J and 10J.
Gambits in HighGlossSilver are delivered with a cap that covers all bolt holes (just like the 19 inch version)

Our 21 inch version is available in 9Jx21H2 and 10,5Jx21H2

Gambit 22″:

For big and heavy vehicles we offer our Gambit with a size of 22 inch.
With a permissible wheel load of 950kg it can handle heavy bolids and that with its known sportive look.
Even in this size we deliver the HighGloss Silver edition is delivered with a cap that covers all bolt holes.
Our 22″ Gambit is available:

  • 9,5Jx22
  • 10,5Jx22
  • 11,5Jx22

NEW 2019 – Gambit 24″:

When 22″ is not enough and when you have enough space, choose our Gambit in 24″.
The best – in 24″ we offer our Gambit exclusively in SatinBlack with CenterLock cap.
With this bolt holes, bolts or nuts are covered fully and don’t destroy the general view.
24″ Gambit is available in

  • 10,5Jx24
  • 12,5Jx24

Options and prices:

special bolt circles – without extra charge
hubcaps in shop
weight optimization min. 0,6 kg – from 49€ per wheel.

Technical Link

Wheelsize Offset Weight
8Jx18 ET 15 - 45
8,5Jx19 ET 15 - 50 ~ 12 kg
9,5Jx19 ET 15 - 45 ~ 12,5 kg
8,5JX20 ET 25 - 45 ~ 12,8 kg
10Jx20 ET 25 - 50 ~ 13kg
9Jx21 ET 15 - 45 ~ 14,5 kg
10,5Jx21 ET 15 - 45 ~ 16 kg
9,5Jx22 ET 25 - 55 ~ 19 kg
10,5Jx22 ET 20 - 55 ~ 19,4 kg
11,5Jx22 ET 10 - 45 ~ 19,8 kg
10,5Jx24 ET 15 - 50 ~ 23 kg
12,5Jx24 ET 14 -39 ~ 23,5 kg