A new chapter in modern design – our TwentyOne!

With our TwentyOne we place a state-of-the-art and extraordinary design on the market.
It combines all what a modern wheel needs: brake clearance, different concavities and a light construction.
The shapely and perfect neoteric design makes our Schmidt Revolution TwentyOne to an absolute eyecatcher!
With 2 diametres in in 19″ & 20″, five different widths, 3 colors and almost all bolt circles and offsets we offer an extensive variation of available fittings, so that nothing is left to be desired.

Factsheet TwentyOne:

  • available in Concave (8,5Jx19, 8,5Jx20, 9,5Jx20 & DeepConcave (9,5Jx20, 10,5Jx20)
  • manufactured in Flowforming- technique
  • 2 diametres & 5 widths
  • deliverable in almost every current bolt circle and offse
  • extensive stability tests and various part certificate of conformity available
  • two new colors with brushed spoke fronts: BronzeBrushed & TitanBrushed


  • BronzeBrushed
  • TitanBrushed
  • GlossBlack

TwentyOne Design in detail

The design of our TwentyOne relies on many different details, which alltogether result in this unique look.
Side spokes 
Small detail – unique effect. This side spoke helps the TwentyOne to be silhouettedagainst all other wheels. This mixture of  Y- and V- spoke design creates neoteric design.
Drill spoke
As usual we can produce almost every common offset. To realize this we adapted the spokes‘ ends in the center.
The result are drill spokes with distinctive look.
Wheel cap
Of course our TwentyOne comes with a matching wheel cap. This creates a clean finish and keeps outer impacts away from the actual wheel mounting.


recognition factor – Schmidt lettering at outer space

Side Spokes + Drill Spokes

different concativities

TwentyOne colors- Polished oder coated? Your choice!

Concerning to colors we wanted to go another way this time and we offer the choice between three different varieties of colors.
You want it modern and striking? TitanBrushed or BronzeBrushed.
Or you want the design to be more classic? Then we recommend GlossBlack.




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Technical Link

Wheelsize Offset Weight
8,5Jx19 ET 20 - 47 ~ 10,8 kg
8,5Jx20 ET 20 - 47 ~ 11,2 kg
9,5Jx20 ET 32 - 55 ~ 11,6 kg
9,5Jx20 ET 03 - 37 ~ 11,5 kg
10,5Jx20 ET 15 - 47 ~ 11,8 kg
9,5Jx21 ET 15 - 55
11Jx21 ET 22 - 56
11,5Jx21 ET 25 - 62