TH-Line Golf III Schmidt 16 inch rim golden

16 “ VW Golf 3 Schmidt wheels

Love for detail: VW Golf 3 with 16 inch TH-Line

Looking at this Golf III you see it is converted with so much loving attention to detail: Every nut, bolt and screw is perfectly adapted to the rest of the 3-series Golf.

Some detailed information relating to this car:

The owner modulated his vehicle plugging H&R coilover dampers which include an expanded thread matched with the Golf’s weight. He chose a short H&R main spring combined with a changed preload spring.
Regarding to the car’s body fender, side elements and the doors (except door handles) are welded – same bonnet and parts of engine compartment after installing a bonnet extension. Inside you can admire the chrome-plated gear stick and the gilded door pins – both designed with Swarovski crystals.

These are only a few modifications, last but not least: For this Golf the perfect 16 inch TH-Line wheels were installed – an excellent choice.


Individuality is a huge priority with us.

For the Golf 3 Schmidt delivers the appropriate wheels in desired colors – powder coaded or varnished.

TH-Line wheels for VW Golf 3

The two-piece Radinox TH-Line wheels are constructed:

  • 8,0Jx16H2 at the front axle
  • 9,5Jx16H2 at the rear axle

The tire is provided with the following sizes:

  • 195/40 ZR16 at the front axle
  • 215/35 ZR16 at the rear axle

Price per wheel set:

Wheels manufactured in Germany for VW Golf 3

Quality Made in Bad Segeberg:
Schmidt Wheels are manufactured with the highest accuracy and precision and this is the reason why you will rejoice in your chosen wheels for a long time.

Schmidt Wheels are available worldwide! We ship worldwide, please send us an email.

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